The institute : mission and goals

 - Propose inter-categorical and interdisciplinary trainings supported by the different ministries concerned with major risks.

- Facilitate a better consideration of the major risks and the environmental protection in the citizen culture.

- Make schools capable of ensuring their safety in case of a major emergency or any other external hazard thanks to the PPMS (Specific School Safety Plan).

- Conceive and distribute educational tools.

- Help the State, local authorities and industrials to implement public information plans about major risks and safety measures to protect human life.

- Develop initiatives and international exchanges on this theme.

In order to meet these goals, the Institute leads a network of 500 trainers spread in the thirty school districts (in the mainland and overseas) with a clear interlocutor : the school district coordinator, appointed by the district rector. They are members of the National Education services or risk specialists, trained at national level in major risks and environmental protection.

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training on the major risks in Istanbul in 2011